NHU: ‘action-borne’ knowledge and the safeguarding of crafts in Norway

The norwegian case is an introduction to the working methods of The Norwegian Crafts Institute. We administer a small array of instruments in safeguarding traditional craftsmanship in Norway.  Speaking of Living human treasures, our program on craft scholarship is most important.  This is a three-year scholarship programme for craftsmen who want to develop their skills beyond the trade level and the standards of trade certification. The experienceas from the  certification scholarships have proved successfully. Moreover, the craftsmen have achieved a high level of practical competence. In the continuing of this programme, we will focus on those trades which are considered rare and in need of protection.


The institute also  work as a hub of traditional craftsmanship in a broader sense. We maintain a directory of craftsmen who practise traditional trades and techniques, we run documenting and training projects to pass on  know-how to new generations, we monitor and strenghten the recruitment of apprentices in the rare crafts and we run seminars to strenghten networking between craftsmen.

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